The blog page is pretty but I would like my own pictures to cycle along the banner. The pictures that are preselected are nice but not my choice. I wonder if this is possible without purchasing upgrade? I have no intention of paying anything for this blog.

Exciting day!! – (oops – I hit the wrong button and opened up something called a DOM Explorer – no idea what it is or how to get rid of it!!!)

Back to Exciting Day!! – After playing ukulele for a couple of years, I am moving beyond strumming to work on fingerpicking. Am finding it really hard to play and sing at the same time. What is so exciting about today? – For the first time I was able to sing a song and accompany it with fingerpicking. Okay, it was a super easy song (Do Lord) with really infrequent cord changes but I did it!!


Still a luddite!

Started the uke group. Need more members. Back to the blog? website? I don’t even know what this is but if anyone searches ukulele group in Orillia, they end up here so I guess I have to do something with it. My daughter despairs – “You just don’t understand the internet community!” She’s right.